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Classmate is an innovative tool that enables trainers, teachers and others to use the Cochrane Crowd tasks for their students! If you teach evidence-based medicine this could be the tool for you. Watch a two-minute Classmate in a nutshell video to find out more.

Cochrane Classmate is a trainers' toolkit that lets you create exciting, interactive tasks to help your EBM students to learn about evidence production.
How it work
The benefits

Cochrane Crowd has enabled thousands of people interested in healthcare to come together and help identify health evidence. Many within the community have found the tasks a great way to learn.

Classmate enables you to use the Cochrane Crowd tasks as learning activities. As your students learn, they’ll also be helping Cochrane continue to identify health evidence.

Classmate can be used for a variety of learning settings: traditional classroom environments, as distance or virtual learning activities, as part of a workshop or event, as part of a fundraiser, and much more.

It’s simple to use. There are three main steps:


Select your learning activity


Invite your students


Make a cup of tea and watch and reward your students’ progress

Trusted evidence.
Informed decisions.
Better health.

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Classmate is Cochrane’s tool for developing training courses based around Cochrane Crowd.

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